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Everseal 6000 High Pressure Injection Pump
Everseal 6000 injection pump is designed for dispensing urethane grouts under high pressure using metal injection packers.
  • The Everseal 6000 injection pump will save you time and money.
  • Light weight and easy to handle. It is excellent for concrete crack injection using urethane.
  • Even working pressure and uniform delivery are ensured by using an electric drill coupled directly to the injection pump. The Everseal 6000 contains very few mixing parts so maintenance and dependability is excellent.
  • PSI injection pressure can be generated in as little as 3 seconds. Urethane grout is dispensed quickly and easily making for fast concrete crack injection
  • Easy clean up
  • Training available
FlexFoam Injection Urethane
  • One part closed cell hydrophobic system provides ease of use and a high quality foam.
  • Expands many times its size reducing costs and providing a superior seal.
  • Available in gallons, pails, and drums.
Pump Flush
  • Assists in ease of cleanup.
  • Will not attack rubber or neoprene.
High Pressure Accessories
  • Available in 3/8x2.75 and 1/2x4. Custom sizes available upon request.
  • 4 jawed couplers ensuring longevity