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Hydrochannel provides superior drainage at the point where the wall meets the floor. It can divert water running down the wall as well as the point where the wall meets the floor to the sump pump pit where it is ejected by the pump. Without Hydro-Channel, hydrostatic water pressure can build around and under the foundation which forces water through the cove joint and inside the basement. Use Hydro-Channel for poured foundation walls and Hydro-Channel Plus for block foundation walls.
  • Made with transparent PVC for easy inspection during pour of floor.
  • Heavy duty, reinforced channel will not collapse during the concrete pour.
  • Quick and easy installation. Installation only requires two nails per piece.
  • Can be used in new construction or retrofit to existing foundations.
  • Directs foundation wall seepage beneath basement floor into the drain and sump pump pit.
  • Prevents water seepage from entering the cove area of the floor.
  • Creates a thermal break between the footing and basement floor which reduces cracks in the basement floor.
  • The heavy duty construction creates a clean finished look.